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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Your Child

Why Choose Brazilian Jiu Jitsu For Your Child?

Posted: May 28, 2019

There are many sports to consider getting your child involved in, but have you thought about Brazilian jiu jitsu? Jiu jitsu is a martial art that focuses on ground fighting, and is based on the idea that a seemingly weaker person can defend themselves by using leverage and different holds. Jiu jitsu is a great form of exercise, and teaches kids many other great life lessons. Brazilian Jiu jitsu offers many benefits, and is a great sport to consider enrolling your child in.


Obviously, jiu jitsu is a great form of physical exercise, and it is important to get your child interested in staying fit from an early age. Jiu jitsu will keep your child moving through warm-ups, practicing moves and sparring. More than just exercise, jiu jitsu can help your child gain more control and balance. The skills learned in jiu jitsu can be carried over into other sports your child may play, and can help them achieve overall health and fitness.

Self Defense

Jiu jitsu is teaches more than just physical self-defense, it readies your mind to anticipate and avoid potential conflicts, and to remain calm and collected. Jiu jitsu helps you hone your reflexes to react quickly in any potentially dangerous situations, and gives you the tools you need to defend yourself.

Self Confidence

As they learn moves, and progress in their training, your child will grow in self confidence. Having clear levels to pass through in the form of belts gives a public recognition to the hard work that your child puts in. Knowing that they can defend themselves also gives your child an inner confidence that they can carry with them throughout life. Some children shrink in team sports, but jiu jitsu can give your child the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace.


Unlike many other sports, jiu jitsu can be practiced year-round and doesn’t have traditional seasons. You don’t need to worry about closed fields, rain or snow, or extreme heat. Another great benefit of jiu jitsu is that it can be a family sport. Adults who have never practiced can enroll in a class (oftentimes adjacent in time to their kids) and practice moves at home with their kids. This can be a bonding experience for your family, and a lifelong sport for your kids.


Jiu jitsu emphasizes practicing moves over and over until they are perfected. This takes a lot of discipline, focus and perseverance, and can provide many benefits in your child’s life. This repetition shows your child that through hard work, even small improvements in technique can have big impact. Consistently going to class, working hard, and seeing the results, will teach your child valuable discipline.

get fit and build self defence

These just touch on the many rewards that jiu jitsu can bring your child. If you are looking for a sport to increase physical and mental well-being, Brazilian jiu jitsu may be the perfect option. Sign your child up today to give them a great outlet to grow in discipline, confidence and self-control.

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