Phoenix Jiu Jitsu / Ares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association Reviews

Fantastic gym full of people who are helpful and fun. My daughter and I both have memberships and I look forward to each training day!

Dustin Keeney

I love this place it’s my home away from home the coaches are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help and each has their own style so you get a bunch of different perspectives and the people are always willing to help out and make you feel welcome!!!

Luis Acherbo

This place is like home away from home. I never have a day I regret going to train. Everyone is super hospitable and easy to approach. Wether you are there to train to compete, or like me go for the fun of it, this place is for you!

Francisco Trejo

Where do I start? Well they offer a great membership all inclusive, from fitness to BJJ classes. Also the kids program is second to none. All the coaches are very qualified and motivated to teach. Highly recommend this BBJ academy.

Mariela Nogales

My son (11yr old) started a couple weeks ago and I've never seen him so excited about something before. My husband is in the Navy and away for now and this is a great outlet for him! The coaches and staff are all so friendly and make you feel like family. I am so glad my son is apart of something great!

Crystal Scott

I have been training here for the past two months.The instructors and people who train here are competitive yet humble. They have the greatest atmosphere of any martial arts training facility or camp that I've attended in California or Arizona. The comradery is amazing (I have yet to be injured by someone's ego) and everyone there is there to gain knowledge and hone their skills while being more than willing to answer questions and help others grow and hone their skills. You will always be surrounded by people who share your passion and have respect for the sport.

Joe Johnson

This place is absolutely AMAZING. the teachers are so helpful and give a lot of one on one attention. I had my daughter in a different place right before this and it was nothing compared to this. Definitely a great place to take your kids or yourself!!!

Erica Dever

My daughter trains here daily. Last week Monday she hurt her wrist. On Tuesday after school I told her she could not go so her wrist could heal. She began to cry. I said alright you can go watch. Yeah that didn't happen. She took to the mat and trained. I love the drive she has towards her training. Phx BJJ is the reason she try's as hard as she does. I encourage everyone to come try it out. They offer one week FREE. What do you have to lose?

Scott May

Amazing instructors and a great learning environment.

Kevin Boyd

Excellent BJJ Academy. Professor Osvaldo Queixinho is one of the best BJJ practitioners on the Planet. Not only is he an excellent instructor, he is also a super nice guy. Highly recommend A+

Mark Garcia

Professor Quiexinho came to our school for a seminar and showed some phenomenal techniques. On top of that, he rolled with everyone who asked him. Amazing person and a great instructor!!

William Hoffman

Dropped in while I was visiting family nearby. No big egos, everyone was inviting, and folks were there to train. Had a great time!

Matthew Snow

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